Given its in-depth understanding of the local and regional defence markets, SanDock Austral has positioned itself as a preferred partner for multinational defence contractors that aim to enter the regional and international markets.

The partnership model involves co-investment in the region, technology transfer, localised product support and indigenisation of customised product systems.


• Remote Control Weapons Station
• Low-cost Active protection system
• Missiles
• Systems Engineering
• Assembly and Maintenance of Torpedo’s

Radar Sub-Systems

• Radar Control & Display
• Radar Software Signal Processor
• Radar Digital Front end
• Software Defined Radar Sub-systems
• Ground Radar System

Testing Services

• Radar Cross-Section Facilities
• Radar Analysis Tools
• Radar Upgrades
• Radar Consoles


• Construction of small to mid-range steel and aluminium vessels and marine structures.
• Repairs to all sizes of vessels and marine structures.
• Full range of construction and maintenance services to the offshore oil and gas industry

Engineering & Fabrication

• Precision Engineering
• Precision Production and Development
• CNC Milling & Turning
• Wire and Spark Erosion
• Surface Grinding
• Cylindrical Grinding
• Tool & Cutter Grinding
• Broaching
• Qualification and Training Facilities
• Manufacturing of components for the Railway Industry


• EW Jamming Pod
• A Base Station Tracking System
• Pilot Console unit
• Electronic Counter Measure System
• Supply & Maintenance of Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

Airport Security

• Personnel Recruitment & Training
• Airlines & airports security surveys/audits
• Airport security planning, design & upgrades
• Threat analysis & risk management
• Blast Mitigation
• Perimeter fence & gate

Aircraft Maintenance

• Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Services to Fixed Wing and Rotary Aircraft for both Commercial and Military Aircraft.

Development , Industrialisation & Manufacturing

• Developing technologies for performance enhancement of existing defence products systems for the Security Forces

• Developing new technology products for subsystem application of new products systems

• Developing agile mission-centric technology solutions for the deployed forces.

• Manufacturing of technology products under license from multinational partners

• Manufacturing of bespoke technology products for customised applications

• Industrialisation of technology products up to TRL9 as required by specific customers.

• Complete demilitarization and disposal of ordnance.

• Partnering with International Defence Organisation to co-manufacture products and systems.