SanDock Austral is a 100% Black-Owned, Black-Operated and Black-Controlled Defence Technology Company that was established as a catalyst for the transformation of the South African Marine Aerospace, Defence and Security Industry. Legislative changes encompassed in the Defence Review and the Defence Industry BEE Charter, has mandated South African Public and Private Defence Industry support by incorporating Military Veterans, Black Owned Companies and emerging Small and Medium Enterprises into the Defence Economy.

SanDock Austral plays an instrumental role in giving effect to the changing Legislative landscape and act as a platform for co-operation and collaboration between established and emerging Defence Industry participants.

SanDock Austral has a world class team that compromises of technical, commercial and operationally experienced personnel. We pride ourselves in advocating and supporting Black Economic Empowerment, Women Empowerment and Youth Empowerment hence we are 100% black owned, 70% black women owned and 30% youth owned.

SanDock Austral Shipyard which is the largest Shipyard in Southern Africa, has our employees as 12% proud shareholders of the company, SanDock Austral Defence Engineering Systems has 30% of the shareholders as the Military Veterans. Torpedo South Africa is a joint venture with Leonardo, a Global Top 8 Aerospace and Defence Company, with SanDock Austral being the majority and controlling shareholder.


As part of our core philosophy of believing in being in business for the greater good, we formed our foundation, called SAS Cares.

SAS Cares is a business and skills development, experience and exposure based non-profit organization driven by a culture of cooperation, collaboration and sharing. It is driven by a passion for combining both education and skills to empower individuals that are equipped for success. We facilitate world class experience and meaningful exposure to our beneficiaries that will give them a competitive advantage in employability and success in managing businesses.


Sandock Austral runs some of the largest artisan training, graduate internship and in-service programmes in the industry. We are at the cutting edge of research development and industrialisation of intellectual property