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SanDock Austral Shipyards is the largest Shipyard in Southern Africa. It builds both Naval and Commercial vessels. It has the proud reputation of building the largest ship ever to be built on the African Continent. SanDock Austral Shipyards is building the largest and most complex Hydrographic Vessel currently under construction in the world. The only modern frigate ever to be refitted on the African Continent was undertaken by SanDock Austral Shipyards.


With an unparalleled history of providing equipment for defence and peacekeeping, Sandock Austral is unique in our approach to providing bespoke solutions to a variety of mission requirements across all enviroments.

Utilsiing cutting edge technology and research to ensure that we are ahead of the curve and the battlefield


SanDock Austral Aerospace provides niche defence, security and MRO services for both the military and commercial aerospace industry.

Our Capabilities

Over the years, South Africa has developed world leading Defence, Commercial and Industrial Industry solutions and products. This was driven through many decades of investment into training, development and research, resulting in the creation of some of the worlds most renowned technology products, supported by experienced local scientists, engineers, technicians and operators in the Defence and Commercial Sector.

Over the last decade, however the pressure experienced by the South African fiscus has had a negative impact on government-led research and development investment, resulting in a number of companies scaling down, consolidating or even shutting down. SanDock Austral identified a gap in the market of certain specialised sub-system technologies that remained a key requirement for both local and regional security forces for the purposes of defence capability rejuvenation and through-life support.

SanDock Austral therefore started from the ground up, working with Tier 1 & 2 entities as a strategic intermediary, while concurrently building its own technology base through selected development projects of specialised technology products.

Facilities & Accreditation

• 110 000m2 of owned manufacturing facilities
• Manufacturing Facilities in Johannesburg and Durban
• 390 Employees
• ARMCOR Security Clearance

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 140000


ISO 45000